Back to the stone age

By Ajit Chak

With confrontation increasing between India and China following the stand off at the Bhutan border both nations are getting involved in scuffles and minor skirmishes both diplomatically and otherwise. The latest incident which ruffled feathers in India was stone pelting by troops of the PLA in the Ladakh region near a lake which falls under both Indian and Chinese Control. 

The troops of two nuclear powers much to the consternation of the entire world and world leaders exchanged stone pelting and jostled each other in a show of resentment for each other that may be due to other causes. 

For one the Bhutan Border is a ticklish issue for China and with India having intervened there Beijing is bound to be peeved. There are other issues too. For one India is opposed even though it is silently to the growing belligerence of North Korea which is causing global concern. The Chinese are not very happy that an Indian Prime Minister has gone to Israel for the first time in 70 as Israel has always responded with help and support to the Indian Army whenever it has needed any special weapons. 

If the electronic media is to be believed then the Chinese have reason to be incensed over an Indian Vietnamese deal where the supersonic Brahmos Missile has been despatched in large quantities to Vietnam by India and has been stationed by the Vietnamese on the China Border. Vietnam despite being a communist nation has no truck with the communist super power China. 

Thirdly there is fear in China too  that it may Balkanise like the Soviet Empire before it as there are several nationalities and tribes and sub-nationalities and Muslim groups that exist in China but are suppressed and fear that they may lose their identity in the long run forever and become extinct cultures. 

China has a very sore relationship with Vietnam and it is one part of Chinese Military History which the PLA would like to forget. The Chinese invaded Vietnam in the 1980s and promised to teach them a lesson. Thousands of Chinese troops died in a process and it seemed more like a dwarf bloodying the nose of an attacking giant. 


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